Salsa Dancing And More Great Events in Aiken at Rose Hill!

Events in Aiken at Rose Hill

If you haven’t signed on to our Instagram account, you are missing out. As you probably already know, the Patel family stepped in to save Rose Hill and make it an estate for Aiken residents to enjoy forever. We are working hard on restoring an old Aiken favorite, but it doesn’t stop there. Our mission is to make Rose Hill not just an amazing venue for weddings and corporate retreats, but also for music and fun to be streaming live every weekend. If you haven’t yet checked out all the fantastic things that are going on, like the events in Aiken at Rose Hill…now is the time. With a little something for everyone, you are bound to find the perfect event that speaks to you.

Salsa Anyone

Salsa dancing is not only hot and spicy; it is a great workout. But who cares about working hard. Our salsa dancing is all about the fun and doing something outside the ordinary. Starting March 9th, Rose Hill will have Salsa dancing in the main restaurant on Saturday nights. The cover is only $5…iI is quite arguably the best five dollars of fun you can have!

Valentine’s Day

Don’t have plans Valentine’s Day yet? Time is running out, but not gone. There will be two separate events at Rose Hill, one in the main house and one in the Stables. The main house will be a more traditional “jazz” feel, and the Stables will have a singer-songwriter. Which one will delight your Valentine? It won’t matter if you don’t call to reserve your seat today!

Master’s Weekend

Renovations are in full swing at Rose Hill. Although we aren’t sure if we will make the deadline to have all the main house renovated, we know for sure that our restaurant is just right to hold a catered event for your group. If you are looking to have a wonderful night built around Master’s weekend, let us create a memory and a memorable night for all of your out of town guests who want to be a part of the time-honored golf tradition!


Can’t you just feel it? Springtime is already in the air, and so should be your plans be for Steeplechase. Rose Hill will have a catered tent so that all you have to do is show up. And did we mention that you get premier parking if you sign up soon? Enjoy Steeplechase in style this year by letting us do all the work. That way you can just sit back and enjoy the races!

Rose Hill is changing rapidly, but we are still holding onto the historic charm and beauty that this Aiken gem is known for. If you are looking to have a wonderful night on the town, a catered party for Master’s weekend, or to make your Valentine’s heart sing, contact us today to reserve your spot for the fun! With so many events in Aiken at Rose Hill to choose from, what are you waiting for? Check out our Instagram account for the latest updates to our main house in progress today!