Spend Master’s Week at Rose Hill!

Although the Master’s tournament is held in Augusta, Aiken continues to be a favorite place to stay for Master’s weekend. The history behind the Master’s Tournament dates as far back as 1930 when an amateur golfer by the name of Bobby Jones put Augusta on the world stage by winning the 1930 Grand Slam. The Augusta National Golf Club opened its grounds in 1932 after meticulously being designed by Mr. Jones. The first official round of golf played was in January 1933. At first, the Master’s tournament was called the “Augusta National Invitation Tournament”. It became hugely popular when it was the national focus of a radio broadcast because of the intrigue of Horton Smith, who scored an unheard of 284 on the course. If you are going to come for the tournament, spend Master’s week at Rose Hill!

Why the Master’s Tournament is so Beloved!

The Master’s Tournament is also famous because it was the first course to have 72 holes played in just four days instead of it all being played in one day. That allowed the leveling of the playing field for many amateurs who were not attuned with the grueling quick course. And since everyone loves an underdog, the Master’s tournament soon became the course where many legends were made overnight.

Why Everyone Loves Master’s Weekend

Master’s weekend has continued to be a favorite in the golf world. Held in Augusta, it is a bit more quaint than most golf course tournaments. But there is no lack of entertainment or charm to be found. Aiken, which is just adjacent to Augusta, Georgia is a favorite for many people who are coming in to stay and catch the golf match. Unlike Augusta, Aiken offers a quieter atmosphere. Yet, it is close enough to the tournament that golf-goers don’t spend most of their time in transit.

Spend Master’s Week at Rose Hill

Rose Hill has for decades been a sought out place to stay for Master’s weekend. The new owners would like to restore it as a cherished historical estate to enjoy during Master’s weekend. So they are offering the promotional price of $200 a night on a first come, first serve basis. Just about 30 minutes from the tournament, the estate offers accommodations and a restaurant to feed Master attendees. The main house is also available for parties who are looking for an intimate dining experience with friends or co-workers.

People flock from around the world to the Master’s tournament in Augusta, Georgia. If you are lucky enough to be one of the ticket holders, spend the week at Rose Hill and make it a vacation. Rose Hill is a beautiful estate removed from the hustle and bustle of the crowds and just minutes from downtown Aiken. It is sure to be the place to be, so spend Master’s week at Rose Hill by making your reservation today!

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